All you need to know about CL

When is the group point? How will work? Where's the 2021 closing?

Together with the 2019/20 season mapped out, the film for second season has become clearer. Here is what we know up to now.

Which are the modifications?

- Together with the 2019/20 season scheduled to complete on 23 August, the main change to this 2020/21 calendar is that everything is currently somewhat afterwards. Qualifying, which was due to start on 23 June, will kick off August, together with all the group stage draw Athens on 1 October and also the contest proper becoming under way on 20 October. The knockout stages will be unchanged in the initial program.

- All qualifying ties are single-leg matches before reverting into house and away fixtures for your play-offs. The single-leg ties will occur behind closed doors. Saint Petersburg, the potential 2021 sponsor, will stage the 2022 occasion.

When will matches take place?


08/08/2020–11/08/2020 Preliminary round

18/08/2020–19/08/2020 First qualifying round

25/08/2020–26/08/2020 Second qualifying round

15/09/2020–16/09/2020 Third qualifying round

22/09/2020–30/09/2020 Play-offs

Group stage

20/10/2020–21/10/2020 Matchday 1

27/10/2020–28/10/2020 Matchday 2

03/11/2020–04/11/2020 Matchday 3

24/11/2020–25/11/2020 Matchday 4

01/12/2020–02/12/2020 Matchday 5

08/12/2020–09/12/2020 Matchday 6

Knockout stages

16/02/2021–17/03/2021 Round of 16

06/04/2021–14/04/2021 Quarter-finals

27/04/2021–05/05/2021 Semi-finals

29/05/2021 Final

When are the draws?

17/07/2020: Preliminary round draw

09/08/2020: First qualifying round draw

10/08/2020: Second qualifying round draw

31/08/2020: Third qualifying round draw

01/09/2020: Play-off draw

01/10/2020: Group stage draw, Athens

14/12/2020: Round of 16 draw

19/03/2021: Quarter-final and semi-final draws