Four teams will compete in the preliminary round to get a location in the first qualifying round.

Draw details

Semi-final 1: San Marino vs Northern Ireland

Semi-final 2: Kosovo vs Andorra

Since the entry deadline is set for 3 August, the state of each player has been employed for the attraction.

The first draw ascertained that the 2 semi-finals; the first team drawn in each tie is regarded as the minimal home team. An extra draw ascertained which semi-final winner will probably be regarded as that the nominal home team for your closing.

Final: winner semi-final 2 versus winner semi-final 1

The winners of the four lowest-ranked countries from the 2019 UEFA institution club coefficient positions (Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Andorra, San Marino) input the preliminary round.

In agreement with the principles determined by this Club Competitions Committee on 17 June 2020, the federal institution coefficient was used to seed the nightclubs.

Seeded: winners of Northern Ireland, winners of Kosovo

Unseeded: winners of Andorra, winners of San Marino

What's your preliminary round?

The preliminary round is really a mini-tournament composed of semi-finals on 8 August and a closing on 11 August, all one-off games to be played in a neutral place.

The preliminary round winners input the initial qualifying round, which may also include one-off ties happening on 18 and 19 August.