Which nations have the most UEFA Champions League finalists?

Players from 50 countries have won the best prize in European club soccer, but which country has the most wins?

Adhering to the 2019 UEFA Champions League final, 50 countries are able to lay claim to some European Cup-winning participant.

Two more nations joined the list after Liverpool's 2-0 win against Tottenham in Madrid, together with goalscorer Mohamed Salah incorporating Egypt into the club and Sadio Mané enjoying with a breakthrough role for Senegal. Really, Salah also became the fifth African American player to come across the internet in a closing, after Mané became the fourth largest in 2018.

Reds team-mate Naby Keïta of Guinea missed through injury, nevertheless, significance he -- such as Artificial Spurs replacement Victor Wanyama of Kenya -- has been not able to develop into the very first player from his country to include at a European Cup decider.

Considering that the very first closing in 1956, 1,066 players representing 63 countries have showcased in a showpiece match (many more than once). Italy have the very different finalists (147), one over Spain -- that didn't add to their complete later Liverpool defender Alberto Moreno remained on the seat in Madrid. Spurs' only Spaniard, Fernando Llorente, had featured into a decider, dropping with Juventus at 2015.

More Legislation

• Greece have experienced the most finalists with no winner -- 12; this total comprises Panathinaikos' 11 guys from their 1971 last defeat, also Akis Zikos, a losing finalist with Monaco at 2004.

• Turkey (11th in the current UEFA rankings) are the highest-ranked nation never to have had a UEFA Champions League or European Cup winner; Turkey's three finalists to date all ended up with runners-up medals: Yıldıray Baştürk (Leverkusen, 2002), Hamit Altıntop (Bayern, 2010) and Nuri Şahin (Dortmund, 2013).

• The lowest-ranked European nation to have a UEFA Champions League finalist and winner is San Marino; Massimo Bonini – a 1985 winner with Juventus – represented the side ranked 55 out of 55 in UEFA's national coefficient rankings.

Amount of gamers (by state ) who have emerged from the European Cup/UEFA Champions League final

147: Italy
146: Spain
130: Germany
82: England
80: France
63: Netherlands
62: Portugal
54: Brazil
38: Scotland
30: Argentina
26: Serbia
24: Sweden
22: Romania
16: Belgium
14: Denmark
13: Croatia
12: Greece*
11: Republic of Ireland
6: Poland
5: Ghana
5: Ivory Coast
5: Uruguay
5: Wales
4: Czech Republic
4: Hungary
4: Norway
3: Austria
3: Nigeria
3: North Macedonia
3: Slovenia*
3: Turkey*
2: Bosnia and Herzegovina
2: Bulgaria
2: Cameroon
2: Finland
2: Mali
2: Mexico
2: Northern Ireland
2: South Africa
2: South Korea
2: Switzerland
2: Ukraine

1: Algeria (Rabah Madjer, winner Porto 1987)
1: Angola* (Vata, runner-up Benfica 1990)
1: Australia (Harry Kewell, winner Liverpool 2005)
1: Belarus* (Aleksandr Hleb, runner-up Arsenal 2006)
1: Chile* (Arturo Vidal, runner-up, Juventus 2015)
1: Colombia* (Juan Cuadrado, runner-up Juventus 2017)
1: Costa Rica (Keylor Navas, winner Real Madrid 2016, 2017 & 2018)
1: DR Congo* (Shabani Nonda, runner-up Monaco 2004)
1: Ecuador* (Antonio Valencia, runner-up Manchester United 2011)
1: Egypt (Mohamed Salah, winner Liverpool 2019)
1: Gabon* (Mario Lemina, runner-up Juventus 2017)
1: Georgia (Kakha Kaladze, winner AC Milan 2003 & 2007)
1: Montenegro* (Stefan Savić, runner-up Atlético Madrid 2016)
1: Morocco* (Hajry Redouane, runner-up Benfica 1988)
1: Paraguay* (Domingo Benegas, runner-up Atlético Madrid 1974)
1: Peru (Víctor Benítez, winner AC Milan 1963)
1: Russia (Dmitri Alenichev, winner Porto 2004)
1: San Marino (Massimo Bonini, winner Juventus 1985)
1: Senegal (Sadio Mané, winner Liverpool 2019)
1: Trinidad & Tobago (Dwight Yorke, winner Manchester United 1999)
1: Zimbabwe (Bruce Grobbelaar, winner Liverpool 1984)

*nations who have had a player appear in the final but not a winner

Last updated 14/04/20